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<h4>Mõeldud 2-le soonele (ilma maandusjuhtmeta). ByPass aitab, kui LED vilgub või väljalülitatud T8 lambid jäävad hõõguvalt kumama.</h4><h4>Sobib ka juhul, kui dimmer jääb hätta madalate koormuste dimmerdamisel.</h4><p><br></p><pre>Lisainfo&nbsp;</pre><h4>The Bypass is a device designed to work with 2-wire dimmer or switch with no neutral wire, to be used with LED bulbs or energy saving compact fluorescent lamps.<br> <b>The Bypass prevents LEDs from flickering and turned off compact fluorescent lamps from glowing.<br> </b>In 2-wire connection the Bypass<b> reduces the minimum power of load required by the dimmer or switch for correct operation</b>.<br> The Bypass provides powering of the dimmer or switch in case of controlling low loads.<br>Type Accessories<br>Input voltage 100-240V<br>Power &lt;1,4 Watt<br>IP rate IP20<br>Length 25 mm<br>Width 20 mm<br>Height 10 mm<br>Certification mark RoHS, CE<br>Warranty 5 years</h4>

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