Coaxial Cable CB500 250m

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Highest quality coaxial cable with central conductor made of pure bare copper, with triple shielding made of tin-plated CuSn copper, white colour. Designed for all demanding applications for transmitting cable television.
Thanks to the materials used for the central conductor and braiding, the cable is extremely resistant to weather conditions, humidity and corrosion. Ideal for wiring in the house or flat.


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APE = air dielectric: no|capacity (pF/m): 53|coaxial cable type: CB500|color cable sheath > Cable sheath color: white|colour of insulation of power conductors: not stated|construction of power conductors: not stated|cross-section of power conductors: not stated|dangerous substances: none|diameter of cable sheath: 5 mm|diameter of the inner conductor: 0.75 mm|dielectric type, diameter: FPE 3.2 mm|factor of shortening: 0.85|FPE = Foam dielectric: yes|impedance: 75 Ohm|insulation of power conductors: not stated|insulation resistance between the cores at 20 °C (MOhm/km): 1 000|intended use: terminals for connected users, CATV distribution|material of the cable jacket: PVC|material of the inner conductor: copper (Cu)|material of the shielding: tinned cooper (CuSn)|max. attenuation at 20 °C (dB/100 m) 1 000 MHz: 29.1|max. attenuation at 20 °C (dB/100 m) 100 MHz: 10.5|max. attenuation at 20 °C (dB/100 m) 10 MHz: 4.5|max. attenuation at 20 °C (dB/100 m) 2 000 MHz: no|max. attenuation at 20 °C (dB/100 m) 450 MHz: 20.2|max. attenuation at 20 °C (dB/100 m) 650 MHz: 24.1|max. attenuation at 20 °C (dB/100 m) 860 MHz: 28|max. DC resistance at 20 °C (Ohm/km) – inner core: 41.5|max. DC resistance at 20 °C (Ohm/km) – outer core: 48.5|min. bend radius single/multiple: 25/50 mm|min. return loss at 20 °C (dB) 10 to 300 MHz: 25|min. return loss at 20°C (dB) 300 to 600 MHz: 20|min. return loss at 20 °C (dB) 600 to 900 MHz: 18|min. shielding attenuation (dB) 10 ~ 800 MHz: 75|mounting temperature: +5 °C to +60 °C|number of braiding wires: 48× 0.12 mm|number of shieldings: 3|packaging: 250 m, reel box|PE = polyethylene dielectric: not stated|PES = layer film: no|reaction to the fire: Eca|recommended types of connectors – F pressing: *K7200|recommended types of connectors – F screwing: *K7321|shielding diameter: 48× 0.12 mm²|shielding I. foil: 1× Al/PES|shielding II. foil: Al/PES spiral|shielding protection: 47 %|storage temperature: -20 °C to +75 °C|suitable for outdoor use: no|type of packaging – labeled yardage > Type of packaging – labeled meters: yes|type of packaging – length: 250 m|type of packaging – type of coil: PVC reel in box, 250 m|UV resistant: no|warranty period: 5 years|weight (kg/km): 26.5

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